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SL Gipsy is specially developed for plasterboard.
Smartlift has developed a version of the popular self-driven Smartlift which is specially designed to use when fitting plasterboard, fibre board, etc. This machine has a three-part telescopic arm and can handle large sheets of plasterboard at a great height. As the arm is retractable, the device takes up little space, e.g. in a van.

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Yet another Outdoor vaccum lifter – ideal for use indoors and out.
SL 780 Outdoor Giant can easily hoist and manoeuvre an 800 kg load – long reach and extra lifting height. Large window panes and laminated window units are heavy and cumbersome to fit.  The SL 780 Outdoor Giant proves that any job is easy when you have right equipment.

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A powerful lift suitable for outdoor use.
Larger window sections and heavier windows with up to three layers of glass still call for even stronger lifting capacity. Therefore Smartlift has developed the SL 608 Outdoor in the Outdoor range. The lift is the second most powerful in the Smartlift range with a lifting capacity up to 608 kg.

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SL 580 Maxi is an agile and stable lifting device – excellent for lifting and moving the heaviest window panes and sheets of glass. In modern buildings, glass elements are becoming increasingly large and therefore heavier to handle.
Smartlift 580 Maxi has 4 x 400 mm diameter suction pads to grip your element. The lifting device is easy to operate using a small, lightweight, logically designed control unit.

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The Skylifter is a new tool for telescopic loaders, mini loaders and cranes for lifting windows, façade elements and other smooth-surfaced building components. The Skylifter is electrically powered and remote-controlled for great precision.
Smartlift, the Danish specialist window lifting equipment company, has developed a new tool for lifting window panels, façade elements, sandwich panels, fibre cement cladding and other heavy units with smooth surfaces.

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This lifting device is built on the same principles as a ”regular” SL 380 Outdoor and is specially adapted for off-road use. SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter is specially built to perform jobs that require longer reach and lifting height, e.g. to work over cellar steps or a flowerbed, replace windows in an end wall, etc.

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This vacuum lifter is built on the same principles as other popular Smartlift models and is specially adapted for off-road use. Smartlift 380 Outdoor is specially designed for use on building sites. With impressive 380 kg load capacity, the SL 380 Outdoor is an extremely hardy off-roader which is suitable for use indoors and out.

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SL 380 Midi has capacity to hoist up to 380 kg. This device is built on the same tried-and-tested concept and principles as SL 280 Standard and SL 580 Maxi. We were aware that many of our our customers needed a device to lift around 380 kg, so we designed the Smartlift SL 380 Midi to fill a gap in the market between SL 280 Standard and SL 580 Maxi.

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Handling heavy sheets of glass weighing up to 280 kg can be back-breaking work. You will find that the SL 280 Standard becomes indispensable. This lifting device has been on the market for some years and it is very popular in our home country, Denmark, and internationally.
SL 280 Standard is a compact and flexible device with a tight turning circle. SL 280 Standard has an electric telescopic arm and up to 50 cm reach.

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Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) "TERRATEST 5000 BLU” is the most intelligent Light Falling Weight Deflectometer in the world and the world’s first Light Falling Weight Deflectometer with Bluetooth + app and voice navigation.

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