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SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH Parkstraße

Made in Germany – Quality is our Tradition
Schopf dates back to 1945 when Mr. Jörg Schopf - a mechanical engineer - opened a design office in order to develop shovel loaders. Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH was formally founded in 1948, when production began.
During the 1950s Schopf began to focus on the heavy duty mining sector, developing the first 4-wheel-driven shovel loader. Due to worldwide growth of the civil aviation industry towards the end of the 1960s, Schopf broadened its scope, designing and manufacturing its first aircraft tow tractors to meet burgeoning demand. Since then, it has become a global player in aircraft tow tractors.
In 1983 Jörg Schopf retired and sold the company to a British investor, and the company diversified into other GSE products such as the remotely controlled PowerPush pushback system, cargo loaders and passenger stairs.
In November 2003 all Schopf shares were reacquired from the former UK shareholder in a management buyout. Dr. Hermann Brüggemann and Claus Haubeil have since been independently leading the company to further successes.
In the following years, substantial investments were made to replace and extend buildings as well as other facilities. This has enabled Schopf to take on larger orders, such as delivering 240 F59s and 32 F396Es to the British Air Force since 2006.
Schopf focused on the development of new underground mining loaders and launched the SFL60XLP at Bauma Exhibition in April 2007. The low profile machine with a height of 1.38 m and a payload of 6 tons would be mainly used for excavation of precious metals in South Africa, USA and Russia. The flameproof SFL60FLP version is deployed in coalmines. 
Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH celebrated its 60-year anniversary, with special guests from far and wide in attendance. The same year saw Schopf take over 2008the insolvent Rofan GmbH. 
From November 1, 2008, staff and assets have been operating under the Schopf ROFAN GmbH name. Rofan's baggage and cargo tow tractors, with their innovative drive systems, such as the PowerHybrid, are the perfect complement to the Schopf product range. In 2013 the Schopf Rofan GmbH was completely merged into the Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH.
The new F210 and F110 electric were introduced at 2009s Interairport Exhibition. The F110 electric proved in various tests that it was just as powerful as performer as a diesel tow tractor.
2010: Schopf established its own sales company in South Africa. Schopf South Africa (Pty.) Ltd., in collaboration with local business partners, help to pool together the region's mining companies and build up more business contacts.
Two new tried and tested ore loaders in the 10 - 14-ton payload category, the SFL100 to 140 series, were introduced to the market. This rounds out the comprehensive and modernized catalog of underground loaders - for now!
The new millennium saw Schopf develop the Loadstar, a new line of 7-ton container/pallet loaders. New bestsellers such as the F110 and F160 tow tractors were developed and introduced to the market, while the high-end F396 tractor has been further developed to handle the Airbus A 380.
Schopf develops, produces and sells special vehicles for civil aviation, military deployments and for the mining and tunneling industries.
Schopf supplies underground loaders with between 3.5 and 18 tons payload to the mining and tunneling industry. Our loaders are suitable for all materials over the widest range of bulk densities. Schopf also offers dump trucks, which are manufactured in collaboration with an international partner.
Our products for civil aviation and military deployments include a complete range of aircraft tow tractors between 5.000 and 70,000 kg operating weight, capable of handling aircraft in every weight range including the Antonov An 225 and Airbus A380. Container and pallet loaders round off the Schopf product range.
In addition to its GSE programme, Schopf also offers a complete range of baggage and industrial tractors, available with Diesel, CNG/LPG, Electric, Standard Hybrid or PowerHybrid drives.
Organisations in over 160 different countries benefit from, and attest to, the robustness, reliability and cost-effectiveness of Schopf’s products, as well as the excellent customer service and spare parts support. Product conception, design, manufacture and sales are carried out by our 160 specialists, based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart in southwest Germany.
2013: Goldhofer takes over the Schopf Group
Making partners out of competitors: On January 1st 2013, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft of Memmingen, Germany, the top-quality supplier of transport equipment for heavy-duty and airport applications, took over the Schopf group, including the Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH and Schopf-Rofan GmbH. The Schopf-Rofan GmbH was merged with the Schopf Maschinenbau GmbH. Rofan vehicles are sold under the brand Schopf.




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