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Vacuum lifting technology Smartlift (Denmark)

Vacuum lifting technology Smartlift

Multifunctional lifting devices
The Smartlift product range comprises a series of glazing robots that provide intelligent and highly efficient relief from heavy lifting when handling sheets of glass, window panes and other elements with an airtight surface. Our glazing robots can bear loads of up to 1 ton.
Smartlift glazing robots are intelligent. We pay careful attention to even the minutest of details. Our products are strong devices with fine motor skills.  Smartlifts are unbeatable. They are accurate to the millimetre and built in accordance with the highest standards of engineering.
Smartlifts are self-driven. They take care of all the functions needed to transport a sheet of glass and bring it into place. Smartlifts hoist, shift sideways, reach out and tilt any sheet of glass. The lift has large suction pads which grip your windows. The lift is easy to operate using a small, lightweight, logically designed control unit.  Smartlift offers indoor and outdoor ranges, including lifting devices specially adapted to specific tasks.
When they use Smartlift, craftsmen can avoid heavy and awkward manual lifting. This is improves their working environment and prevents back injury and physical degeneration.
To a great extent, a Smartlift streamlines your working processes, frees manning resources from onerous manual lifting and also reduces the risk of damage to elements during lifting operations.
Smartlifts are used in many different industrial applications. We are more than willing to help you to design new and efficient work processes around a Smartlift vacuum lifter.
Our customers always say that they are very satisfied with their Smartlift product. Smartlift is a very reliable and profitable investment from every perspective.

Accessorie list

SL 280 Standard

SL 380 Midi

SL 380 Outdoor

SL 380 Outdoor High Lifter

SL 400 Multilifter Sky Lifter

SL 580 Maxi

SL 608 Outdoor

SL 780 Outdoor Giant

SL Gipsy



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